Cynthia Hamar Mini Bio

Peaceful & melodic, comforting, thoughtful, spiritual and transparent: all accurate descriptions of Hamar’s music. With her soothing voice and sincere songwriting, Cynthia Hamar draws many fans to her music, both onstage and online, where she enjoys an active grassroots following as one of the top singer songwriters for the Edmonton Area. 

Hamar’s first studio album, Fairytale was nominated for a GMA 2007. Her second independently released album came out on July 15, 2010. 2014 & 15 were spent writing and performing with her oldest son Zadok Hamar and resulted in her current release titled " the Son and I" engineered by DSD recordings and mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Roads Studios.

The album was released to radio spring 2016 by Tinderbox Music, charted on numerous college radio stations across Canada and the US as well as acquired TV licenses with TLC, Discovery Network. LaRiviere is currently a member of Hamar's band and has brought along former bandmate Mark Scholz on drums. Hamar was nominated Best out of Province for the Toronto Independent Music Awards 2016.

Hamar is currently working on a new project set to release Spring/Summer 2019.



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